Top 10 Best Portable Scanners 2022 UK

You may need to familiarize yourself with some candidates of the best portable scanner, especially if you have to deal with tons of scanning job. Instead of having to copy documents, again and again, using the scanner would be more helpful.

Scanning is basically almost the same as copying. However, when you scan the document, you can still able to edit it, depending on the formats. In short, digital scanning eases your burden in sharing documents or filling the papers. And having your own scanner, especially the portable one, would make it easier for your productivity.

So, let’s dig deeper into the 10 best portable scanners 2022 in the UK and their options before you make any purchase decision.

Brother DSMobile Portable Scanner

Brother is known for their reliable products, and this one proves the quality of their production. Despite the small design and size, this one is useful and handy. Not only you won’t have to prepare a lot of space for the placement, but you can also carry it around with you.

If you have a work-on-the-go concept and you have a limited working area, then this portable device would be the greatest option. The scanning speed is quite nice, able to reach 15 pages a minute – even on the go.

The machine is also super versatile, you should be able to scan ID cards, receipts, and A4 documents without any complication. Besides the device, you can also get the app, which helps you manage your work as well as saving those results effectively.

Aibecy Wireless Handheld Scanner

When you have to scan documents, this portable device is super helpful. The portability is very convenient, allowing you to enjoy greater flexibility in the operation. Whether you have to do scanning work on the go or you need a portable device for your limited home office areas, this one would provide a great help.

As one of the best portable scanner types, this device offers wide application. You won’t have any problem scanning artwork, photos, books, documents, receipts, and more – as well as converting them to digital copies. The device comes with its own real-time scanning feature, which is handy to prevent image distortion.

And since it comes with a slot for a memory card – which can accommodate 32G of storage – you should have no problem saving the results. And it doesn’t require any installation or set up with its own direct use.

Epson WorkForce B11B252401 Scanner

The scanner is portable, slim, compact, and lightweight. You should be able to pass through any document easily despite the small size. The construction is nice and convenient. Whether you use it at home, at work, or on the go, it doesn’t cause any fuss or hassle to the use.

The scanner uses USB for the power, and you can connect it easily through the USB. After all, it already supports 2.0 version. The scanning speed is quite fast. It is able to scan a page in 5.5 seconds. So, it is pretty impressive. It is also a flexible scanner, compatible with all kinds of paper stocks (between 35 gsm to around 270 gsm), long paper (around 1.8m) and also different media types.

It comes with its own software. The SmartScan is Epson’s speciality that can scan documents, save them, and sent in various formats – and also the reason why it is one of the best portable scanners.

Epson DS-80W WorkForce Business Scanner

This scanner is super portable and lightweight, giving you freedom and flexibility in managing your scanning work. This is a great device when you have to deal with tons of scanning work frequently. Even better, you won’t have to be stuck in one place to do all of those scanning work.

You can take the scanner with you – moving it around easily without drama or difficulty. You can even work on the go! It has its own in-built battery (for wireless operation) or you can power it up through the USB. When you want to depend on the battery, a single charge can produce 300 pages.

And the speed is quite impressive. It only takes 4 seconds a page – whether it is a coloured page or the black and white type. No wonder if it is considered one of the best portable scanner for on-the-go operation.

Epson DS-310 Portable Scanner

Looking for an effective device with tough performance? You are looking at the most ideal device. It offers multi-page scanning, thanks to its ADF that is able to accommodate 20 pages.

It offers great flexibility in doing multi-pages scanning. It also supports duplex scanning, but you can turn this feature off if you only want to perform a single page scanning. No need to worry about quality. With resolution up to 3000 dpi, you can expect crisp and accurate results, either in colour or in black and white.

The speed is impressive – able to scan 25 pages in a minute.

IRIS Business Portable Scanner

This is another scanner that supports cloud storage. Once you have finished scanning the receipts, business cards, photos, contracts, or others, you are free to save them at your cloud account. But such a feature requires earlier configuration, but afterwards, you are free to go.

The scanner is lightweight and compact because it has been designed to be easily carried around. And you don’t need to install or set any software up – removing all the hassle in managing the setting.

And you can be sure that you can always edit the results after you are done with the scanning. These are the reasons why this one is included as one of the best portable scanners existed.

C-Pen Reader Scanner

This is a scanner in the form of a pen-like device. This is especially handy when you have to scan individual lines or words within a text. It is an independent device, which means that it can stand on its own – doesn’t require any internet connection.

It doesn’t need to be connected to any computer or device at all either. Within the package, you will find earphones, manual, USB cable, and a carry case. You have the options to transfer the text to any Mac or PC – either from the storage or through the USB – there is no need to use any extra software or whatsoever.

The scanner can read aloud the scanned texts in a different language or English accents. It can even support Spanish and French. And you should be able to record the texts for later review. It is a handy feature for those with limited memory.

IRIS 458737 Colour Business Document Scanner

If you are looking for an effective scanner to perform a reliable and promising job, then this one for IRIS would be the perfect one. One thing to like about this device is its ability to perform duplex scanning. It means that it is able to scan BOTH sides of the document within a single pass.

And such a feature won’t compromise the speed either. The scanner is able to perform a good job in 8 seconds a page – not so bad, huh? The scanner can be used to scan invoices, contracts, daily documents, and even images quite flawlessly. It is compatible with Mac and Windows – and it also supports pdf and jpg formats.

It is one of the best portable scanners that works well for business setting – but you are free to choose whether you have it for business or personal purpose.

Aibecy Wireless Scanner

Not only portable, but this scanner has attractive colours. The slim and compact construction is very nice and helpful for effective operation. Instead of having to deal with the bulky and heavy device, you can turn to a compact and portable device to scan all of your documents or photos.

The greatest thing about this device is its lightweight feature. It is slim and portable, easily carried around. You won’t have to worry about the final quality – everything would be as sharp and as detailed as possible. And you can easily use it right away without having to install anything or deal with any setup.

The scanner is able to scan images or text documents without any issue – and the results would be in high resolution. It has its own slot for memory card, able to support 32G of capacity.

IRIS Digital Portable Scanner

As one of the best portable scanner ever designed, this is a super portable device – you should have no problem slipping it into any bag or purse. It is claimed to be an efficient device that can digitize magazines and books without any fuss or hassle.

And to make the operation easier, it comes with a bright and coloured display screen, enabling you to enjoy the (instant) scan preview. In this way, you should be able to see the see – and decide – the quality scanning. It can even scan 100 pages (A4 size) on a daily basis – it will go easily within a single charge. It is actually perfect for all kinds of documents (and in any size).

And with the device, you are able to convert the scanning results to jpeg, pdf, ebooks, and even audio files format. The scanner has its own slot for SD card, allowing you to save the documents easily and conveniently.


Those are some of the best and reliable candidates for your portable scanners device. Each brand and variant does have its own strength and flaw. Now, it’s time for you to perform careful research and then choose the best portable scanner!