Top 10 Best Photo Printers UK 2023 Review

A lot of people buy the photo printer because of the machine’s ability to deliver the sharp and detailed outcomes of the images. In this case, these people may have their own digital printing business or they deal a lot with images and pictures – and they do need those images to be high in quality, not the lousy or the cheesy ones.  People who are into photography may also buy this kind of printer – it gives them flexibility, easiness, and freedom in printing their shoots. Not to mention that it gives them a sense of easiness whenever they want to use the printer to remind them of their recollection.

Choosing the Right One

When compared to the regular laser or inkjet printers, the photo printer may not seem many – in terms that their numbers being pretty limited. However, the numbers are still plenty and it can overwhelm you. Choosing the one right device can be difficult because you need to consider the specs, features, and price. Although most printers are quite inexpensive, you still make the extra expenses. And when you make the wrong option, having spent the money on something useless still hurts.

Basically, you want to consider the media that you are about to use. If you deal with big banners or large media, it is best to leave it to the professional-grade printing machine. The photo printer is only designed for the smaller media – some of them are able to print an image within the maximum size of 5 x 7 inches. Don’t forget that you should consider other things, such as connection. Do you want a printer that is directly connected to your smartphone or computer or even a camera? Do you want a higher-end one where you can connect the printer to those devices wirelessly? What about portability? Do you want a printer that can be easily moved around?

Those are some of the questions that you need to answer before marching to the store to buy the printer. That’s why there are some great candidates of the printer (for photo) whose features, strengths, and downsides are reviewed here. Feel free to look at them one by one, make a comparison, and consider which one would be suitable for your needs.

Here are 10 Best Printers For Photo in the UK 2023 and can be used by beginners or professionals to produce high-quality photos.

1. Canon Selphy CP1200

If you are looking for a compact photo printer with all the right features that will make the printing job a breeze, this variant from Canon will deliver only the best outcome. The design alone is pretty simple and straightforward so everyone should be able to use it right away – no technical background or mechanical knowledge needs.

The printer comes with all the handy features, such as:

  • The printer offers various connection options. You can choose the USB cable, memory card, or wireless connection
  • There is a Dual ID feature that you can use when you want to print the ID card on both sides. It even comes with the cutting guide which is amazing.
  • The printing quality is like the photo lab so it is premium in quality
  • The printer is lightweight, compact, and portable. You don’t need to dedicate a certain spot to place the printer

The Pros:

  • The printer is lightweight and compact so it is easily removed or carried around
  • The overall arrangement for the printing activity is just superb and super easy – even teenagers will find the printer nice and very accommodative
  • The printer has a wireless connection which makes operation and uses conveniently. You can access your smartphone and voila! Simply print from there and get the result right away.

The Cons:

  • It doesn’t come with any print pack so you will have to buy one yourself
  • The printing speed is quite slow

2. HP Sprocket Z3Z91A

Another photo printer that isn’t only useful for your daily photo printing but also fun to tweak is this one from HP. It is definitely compact and portable, as you can easily slide it off your bag and take it anywhere with you.

Moreover, this portable printer comes with all the important features and technologies, such as:

  • Feel free to create photos or stickers
  • The printer also comes with its own free app that will make printing super fun. Personalize your photos and immediately print them all
  • It allows borderless printing that makes everything fun
  • It is compatible with most operating systems, such as iOS and Android

The Pros:

  • The printer has great portability with a nice lightweight construction
  • The installation, connection, and setting up is super easy and simple
  • The sticker photos are super fun
  • Printing speed is nice as you don’t have to wait long to get your results

The Cons:

  • The colour isn’t a superb premium quality. It can be off too, but it is more than just decent and it delivers a pretty nice result
  • The quality of the colour can be darker than the original one and don’t be surprised if you see a tinge of a pinkish hue
  • The connection can be a  little off and difficult but once it works and runs, it works like a charm

3. Epson Expression XP245 Wifi Printer

This Expression variant from Epson is designed to create an efficient and smooth working outcome, thanks to its scanning feature. Can you make copies with it? Sure, why not? This is a device that is designed for professional use so it is packed with all the right features and technologies only.

Other great features of this photo printer include ;

  • The wireless feature makes everything easier and handier. No more old school system where you need to directly connect to the device
  • The machine itself is pretty small and compact. It is also light
  • It works well with most operating systems, including iOS and Windows
  • The individual ink will save you tons of operational costs. You only need to replace the one running out of ink instead of replacing the whole row

The Pros:

  • The printing quality is pretty nice
  • The speed is quite okay and promising
  • Setting up the device is easy – easier than expected

The Cons:

  • The replacement ink doesn’t fit although the users buy the original one from the official source
  • The quality is rather flimsy and lousy
  • The arrangement for the printer is confusing and it is not nice at all

4. Canon CP1000 Selphy Photo Printer

If you are looking for a premium quality photo printer, this one won’t disappoint you. The device has a stylish and ultra-compact design so you can easily print from anywhere. You will also be able to print directly from digital cameras, memory cards or USB flash drives.

With the various features and technologies included within the printer, expect greater outcomes and results.

  • The portable and lightweight printer comes with a class that produces a great result
  • Setting up is easy and effortless
  • The overall quality is impressive and promising
  • lab-quality photos can be produced in less than one minute

The Pros:

  • The printing quality is super awesome with clear and bright details
  • The portability is liked by everyone
  • The inexpensive price is a great bargain
  • low cost per print

The Cons:

  • The speed can be quite slow

5. Canon MG2550S Pixma 4800X600

If you are looking for a printer that can be used for making copies and scanning, then this Pixma variant from Canon won’t disappoint you. This is a device that can handle different kinds of activities without compromising quality and performance. After all, thanks to all of the features, you will definitely enjoy the greatest perks of using this printer

  • Fast print speed; 8 ppm for black and 4 ppm for colour
  • The price is affordable and yet it is a functional machine that does it all
  • The machine can be used to print written documents as well as pictures
  • It has an XL cartridge that can save you the operational cost
  • The machine is portable and compact. It may look big but it is actually pretty small and lightweight – although you can’t carry it around
  • The machine comes with a straightforward setting which makes it super fun

The Pros:

  • Installation and connection work well. In most cases, they can be easily managed and tweaked in a direct manner
  • The printing quality is okay – even better than expected
  • The printing speed is quite nice because it is pretty fast

The Cons:

  • It doesn’t come with the USB cable
  • It is noisy

6. Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

This is another compact, small, portable, and lightweight photo printer that you can carry around. Who doesn’t know Polaroid, anyway? The brand is associated with quality and fun, and that’s exactly what this machine is all about – thanks to its technologies and the many useful features.

  • The printer is mobile and small and portable so you can take it around easily. It is literally a machine that you can hold while producing prints of images
  • It is able to print images directly from any mobile phones
  • The printer comes with NFC technology that allows direct printing. If you want to, you can also use the Bluetooth feature
  • The outcome is smudge-proof so you won’t have to worry that it may result in lousy

The Pros:

  • Setting up the printer can be a whole lot of fun as it is direct and simple
  • Once it runs and operates, using the machine is fun
  • The printing speed is quite impressive
  • Connection to the wireless system is a breeze – and you can immediately print it from your mobile devices
  • With a total weight of around 6.6 oz, the printer can be conveniently taken around which increases the portability and mobility aspect
  • Measures a Compact 2.9 Inches x 4.7 Inches x 0.9 Inches

The Cons:

  • Most users often experience paper jams
  • The app is super basic
  • The outcome can be a bit darker with the more orange-ish hue on it

7. Epson Expression Photo Printer xp-960

As one of the promising photo printers that comes with all the right features, this device is pretty promising. After all, the technologies and the features are combined together to create a flawless operation. It has been equipped with With a six-colour Claria Photo HD Ink to produce high-quality photo input and more. Overall, this machine can help you to make fantastic-looking prints with ease.

The features include:

  • Specialized apps that will make printing jobs creative and personal. Feel free to use the features as you like and you will have a customized result in the end.
  • Since it is designed as a printer for creating photos, you can expect the quality to be sharp, detailed, bright, and clear
  • The individual ink will save you a lot of money for the operational cost. You only need to replace the one running out of ink and not have to replace the whole row.

The Pros:

  • The quality of the printing is super smooth
  • The installation will be effortless and simple
  • Dedicated photo paper tray
  • Rear media feed that can be used for A3-sized paper or card

The Cons:

  • The manual feeder is located on the back which makes it difficult to reach
  • Feeding can only be done one by one
  • The tray is rather flimsy

8. Instax Share SP-2 Photo Printer

If you are looking for a reliable portable printer that can be used on the go, this Instax device won’t disappoint you. It is a very good printer for sharing with your friends or family at any event. After all, the other features and technologies will be handy, including:

  • The printer is lightweight and small
  • 320 dpi printing resolution
  • The speed is pretty promising. It is able to produce an image within 10 seconds only
  • It comes with various templates which can be quite handy
  • It has a rechargeable battery
  • The wireless connection is super nice and reliable because you can immediately connect without any fuss or complication

The Pros:

  • The printer is easily used and the connection is a breeze
  • The quality printing is awesome and quite flawless
  • It is a handy portable device that can be used while on the go

The Cons:

  • The cartridge can be pretty costly
  • The ink can be quick to drain and get empty

9. Epson XP8500 Expression 8500

Is it possible to have a photo printer that can produce all kinds of activities and usages? Why not? This machine from Epson is the real proof that having a printer that can also be used for scanning or making copies is possible. Not to mention that it comes with all the important features, like:

  • The reliable print speed at 9 ppm for colour.
  • The cool automatic power that will open the tray when a printing job is sent
  • The LCD screen is quite big and it comes with touchscreen ability that makes everything easy
  • The printer comes with its own specialized apps that make it easy to operate

The Pros:

  • The printing quality is nice and promising
  • The overall construction is nice with lightweight features and compact size – even more compact than the others
  • The flexibility in choosing either a network or wireless activity really gives this machine greater benefits
  • The overall quality of outcome and performance is just superb – even premium when compared to the other machines
  • Printing on the glossy paper is just superb and smooth too

The Cons:

  • The printer can be quite noisy
  • The construction is somewhat flimsy and not as sturdy as the previous products
  • The A4 tray can’t accommodate many papers but it isn’t a huge deal for most users
  • Connecting to the iMac is difficult and confusing

10. HP Envy 4527 All-in-One Printer

With this special photo printer, expect to get the easiness in managing your printing job. It’s true that this printer is quite big so you won’t be able to move it around, but you also need to consider the fact that this is a multifunctional device, which means that you can enjoy scanning, making copies, and also printing with a single device. Other features to like about this machine are:

  • The printing quality is satisfying. You can use it to print documents or images, so feel free to switch it between coloured and black and white colour.
  • Making use of the scanning and making copies ability is just a breeze – just like you manage the printing outcome. Even when you are scanning coloured pictures and then printing them out, the result won’t disappoint you at all
  • The printer has a rather big display screen – and its touchscreen feature makes navigation easy
  • Print speed of up to 7ppm for colour
  • Wireless mobile printing

The Pros:

  • The installation is straightforward and simple
  • The printing speed is pretty fast so you don’t need to wait long for the job to complete
  • The price is affordable
  • The free trial ink offer is quite nice

The Cons:

  • Installing through the CD is a hassle. You can do it quickly from the website
  • The printer is quite big and bulky
  • It is quite noisy


Those are some of the possible options when it comes to choosing a high-quality printing machine that can help with your photo printing needs. As you can see, each device comes with its own positive features as well as downsides – after all, nothing is 100% perfect.

Again, the choice to pick the right device depends on your needs – whether it is personal or professional. But as long as you make a careful decision, finding the right photo printer won’t be difficult.