Top 10 Best Laser Printers UK 2023 Review

There are reasons why people choose the laser printer over the inkjet one, especially when they are focusing on the quality of the printing as well as the performance of the machine itself. A lot of people are often confused with this decision – which one should they buy? Which one would be good for their professional needs? Which one would deliver the most satisfying result? Which one is cheaper? All of these questions can be answered quickly and simply if they have done thorough research before.

About the Laser Printer

Most people believe that laser printer is more expensive than the inkjet type; thus, leading to them choosing the laser type instead of the inkjet one. Well, in the initial purchase, the laser machine may be a bit higher in price but on the long run, the operational cost is just the same as the inkjet printer – even more economical! Having the laser machine will give you a lot of perks in economy, quality, precision, and also speed.

The laser is fast and speedy so expect it to produce faster printing outcome than the inkjet. Not to mention that the unique method of the print itself will prevent the paper from being smudged or smeared – it uses a special powder that is sprayed onto the paper and then heated up. In the end, you can expect a higher and cleaner printing quality.

It is true that the laser printer was pretty costly when it was first introduced to the market. However, technology has progressed and manufacturers have found ways to create a cheaper machine without compromising quality or performance. If you browse around and you are doing market research, you will see that such a machine is getting more and more affordable. No more pricey device with the expensive operational cost either. In the end, having the printer can really help you save up everything – whether it is for your personal use or professional needs.

There are several best laser printer 2023 in the UK that is claimed to deliver the best outcome and performance. What are they and what is their strength? Let’s take a closer look below

1. Brother HL-110 Laser Printer

Among the many reliable names in the laser machine industry, Brother is one of the stands out brands. It is associated with quality and credibility – and you can be sure that you will only enjoy the perks when having this machine at home. The favourable features are:

  • The laser printer is perfect for professional or business use because the black and white printing quality is just superb
  • It is able to print 20 pages within a minute so it is pretty fast
  • It can only be used for printing as it isn’t a multifunctional device
  • The cartridge is easily changed and tweaked so you won’t have to be confused when the ink runs out
  • The tray can accommodate up to 150 papers which means that you don’t need to load it again and again
  • The printer is pretty small and compact so there is no need to provide a special place for it

The Pros:

  • The quality printing is pretty nice and more than just decent
  • Setting up the system is easy, including connecting it to various devices
  • The warming up period is pretty fast so users won’t have to wait long

The Cons:

  • It doesn’t come with the USB cable
  • It doesn’t come with automatic duplex printing
  • It doesn’t serve colour printing because it only uses black cartridges only

2. Xpress Samsung M2026W Wireless Laser Printer

This laser printer from Samsung is designed to help users achieve more efficient and flawless operational quality. With all the included technologies and features, you can expect only the best from this machine. So, what are the handy features you can expect from it?

  • The operation is simple and effective. It comes with a one-touch button which makes it super easy
  • It is able to print 20 pages within a minute – not to mention that it comes with 64MB memory and quite a powerful processor of 400 MHz
  • It is quiet and noiseless
  • When it is on the Ready Mode, it only takes 8.5 seconds to print a page
  • The rendering technology is quite impressive, able to produce a quality image with sharp details

The Pros:

  • The AirPlay connection and ability is okay although some users have to struggle first with the setting
  • The printing speed is nice and quite satisfying
  • It is smaller when compared to other laser printers which can seriously save up space

The Cons:

  • The printer can not print in colour.

3. Pantum Wireless P2200W

This printer is designed to make printing jobs easier, especially for those having their own home office or small business establishments. The machine itself is pretty small and compact, but don’t let such a thing fool you – it packs a huge power within.

  • The printer comes with mobile printing ability which means that you can easily connect it to any device and print documents from those gadgets
  • The wireless connection improves working efficiency and ability because you don’t need to directly connect the printer to the existing mobile gadgets
  • It comes with environmentally friendly features, such as all in one cartridge to reduce waste. Not to mention that it comes with energy star quality so you won’t have to worry about your monthly bill
  • The speed is quite impressive – it is able to print 22 pages within a minute

The Pros:

  • The printing quality is super good – in fact, it reaches the point of being awesome
  • The setup is fairly easy and straightforward, no need to deal with fussy arrangement
  • It works just fine with different operating systems

The Cons:

  • The cartridge is pretty costly
  • No duplex print

4. Brother HL-3140CW Colour Laser Printer

This laser printer is definitely coming with all the right features and the advanced technologies that will make working a breeze. First of all, the design is pretty simple and yet it is super accommodative and easily accessed from different angles.

  • The printer is a multifunctional one so feel free to scan or make copies with it
  • It is able to print 18 pages within a minute without compromising quality
  • Flexible paper handling with a capacity of 250 sheet paper and combined with a single sheet bypass tray
  • Faster and also more secure, thanks to 802.11n wireless network connection
  • Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud Print
  • LCD Display

The Pros:

  • The overall quality and speed are pretty nice. Getting productive with this device won’t be a problem at all
  • The warming up period is pretty fast so users won’t have to wait long whenever they want to use it

The Cons:

  • The design, dimension, and size are pretty big – which will be a problem for limited space or small room

5. SLC430 Samsung Colour Laser

Want to have a promising laser printer that can manage your activities in a breeze? Well, this Samsung machine is coming with all the needed technologies and abilities

  • It comes with a mobile printing option that makes everything easy and simple
  • It is able to print 18 pages within a minute
  • It comes with different kinds of connection options
  • It is compatible with different operating systems
  • The printer is lightweight and compact without compromising the professional quality and construction

The Pros:

  • The printer can be used to print documents as well as images – and they are both coming in a fine quality
  • The design and size are very nice, especially for those with limited space in their office
  • Easy to use, faster installation and provide NFC and mobile printing support

The Cons:

  • Some users experience a wireless problem when they want to connect it with their Mac
  • The warming up time is quite long

6. Samsung Xpress M2825ND

Not many people know that this variant from Samsung can actually deliver a promising and smooth operation. Some people are sceptical about the quality of the laser machine, mostly because the outcome doesn’t go along with the promised ability. However, this device comes with all the great features, such as:

  • The Eco Button with its One Touch system allows you to save up ink and paper. The ink can be managed so it won’t be wasted too much and it can also be paired with the duplex printing for a more economical operation
  • The toner system is separated so you only need to replace the unit that runs out instead of replacing the whole set
  • It can print up to 28 pages per minute
  • Automatic Duplex for double-sided printing so you can reduce the printing costs

The Pros:

  • The printer is working smoothly – more than expected for the general use
  • The setup is easy and effortless. Most users are able to manage it all without any complication or drama
  • Networking sharing is super easy and it makes everything convenient because smooth work can be achieved with this manner

The Cons:

  • No wireless connectivity

7. HP LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw AIO Multifunction

If you are looking for a multifunctional laser printer with tons of useful features that will make your busy activities a breeze, this variant from HP won’t disappoint you. With all the technologies and features packed within this printer, you can be sure that your printing activities will be easier than ever.

  • It is a 4-in-1 device that can be used to print, make copies, scan, and also as a fax machine. If you are on the budgets and yet you need a reliable machine to help with your productivity, this one will deliver only the best performance
  • The auto feeder is able to accommodate 50 pages. When you combine it with the automatic duplex printing, you can be sure about the quality performance to enjoy
  • The ink comes with the technology of JetIntelligence that will save up your ink usage
  • The wireless connection makes the entire activity fun and easy because you don’t need to deal with fussy physical connection or whatsoever
  • Comes with Fax
  • Print speed is impressive, up to 21 ppm for black & colour

The Pros:

  • Setting up the printer is super easy and flawless
  • The printing quality and speed are both satisfying and promising
  • The touchscreen feature makes everything easier and navigating the device would be just simple
  • Monthly Duty Cycle (max): 40000 pages.
  • Touchscreen navigation so you can easily manage tasks directly on the device

The Cons:

  • No automatic document feeder
  • Some users experience quite often paper jam

8. DCP 9015CDW Brother with 2 Sided Printing

There are tons of laser printers out there but the ones with the flawless operation and almost perfect features are only a few. It is a good thing that this variant from Brother is one of the qualified and reliable good printers. Naturally, this laser printer comes with all the handy features that make it a winner, such as:

  • It is a multifunctional device which means that you can use it as a scanner or a copier besides a printer
  • It comes with automatic duplex printing so you can right on print the two sides of the paper without having to touch anything
  • Mobile printing is super useful and helpful because it allows users to connect the printer to other devices and manage a more efficient workflow.

The Pros:

  • The quality printing is superb. Not just a regular printing outcome but the professional grade
  • Using and tweaking the system is super easy and effortless
  • The printer is silent and not noisy
  • Installation is easy and setting it up doesn’t require hours to complete
  • The ink quality is able to last for a longer time so it does deliver economical usage

The Cons:

  • The printer is quite heavy so make sure you place it on something sturdy or solid
  • It is quite big so be sure to prepare enough space

9. HP LaserJet M26nw All-in-One Printer

This laser jet printer from HP is meant to help users with their busy and productive activities. As one of the most reliable machines ever designed and made, it is pretty easy to see why the device is likeable. Of course, it is also packed with handy features and usages that will only make operation easier.

  • The printer is able to produce 18 pages per minute with the consistent printing quality
  • The printer comes with pre-installed printing toner which means that you can immediately and directly print after you take it out from the box
  • You can also use this device for scanning, which only makes it more useful and helpful
  • It is compatible with different kinds of the operating system, whether it is Windows or iOS
  • The printing quality is impressive – not looking like the lousy printing outcome

The Pros:

  • The printing speed is quite nice and satisfying in the overall sense
  • For the black and white printing quality, it is quite nice and even better than expected
  • Connecting this printer to the WiFi network is super easy and it doesn’t take a long time to complete the process

The Cons:

  • Some users have problems with the ePrint and the overall arrangement is difficult
  • The printer is pretty big and bulky

10. Brother MFC L2710DW Monochrome Laser

What to like about this laser printer from Brother? Well, there are tons of great benefits to expect from this machine, thanks to the features and all of the useful technologies.

  • For a starter, the machine is compact, slim, and lightweight. Despite the construction and structure, it is super handy with great printing (and also scanning) ability. And don’t forget that it looks super professional and stylish in its simplicity
  • The machine offers flexible use where you can use wired networking as well as the wireless one, depending on the users’ preference
  • The printer comes with multifunctional features allowing users not only to print and scan but also make copies and send fax documents
  • Improve your home office efficiency with a 250-sheet paper capacity
  • It comes with 3,000-page high yield toners and combined with auto 2-sided printing, of course, you can reduce the cost of each print job easily.

The Pros:

  • The printer doesn’t take a long time to warm up. It is pretty fast and effective
  • Print speed is up to 30 ppm
  • The printing quality is awesome, more than expected and certainly worth the performance
  • The printer and scanner features are working just well and flawlessly
  • The automatic duplex printing is impressive without compromising the end result of the printing

The Cons:

  • No duplex scanning


In the end, it is up to the users to choose whatever machine is suitable for their needs. Whatever types of the machine are, be sure that you only choose the one that can cater to your requirements – no matter the brands, names, or manufacturers.

There are tons of reliable products out there and narrowing down your option may not be an easy feat. But if you are able to do it thoroughly and carefully, you should be able to find the perfect laser printer that works just fine for you.