For many businesses, a normal laser printer is convenient because it is so fast and high quality, but also a bit frustrating because it can only print normal sizes of paper. Some offices like to have a larger inkjet printer whose results are typically not as crisp as a laser printer but have the advantage of being able to print on wider and larger papers. A tabloid laser printer is often a great solution because it can print on paper which is twice as large as a normal piece of office paper.

Tabloid Laser Printers are usually a bit more expensive than conventional smaller laser printers for a few reasons. First, they are not as common so they are a bit more expensive to manufacture. Millions of people need to print normal documents, but many fewer people have the need for tabloid-sized prints. They are also a bit bigger and take more raw materials to make. The toner cartridges are also bigger because they must be larger: they are usually 11 inches wide instead of only 8.5 inches wide which are more expensive to make and must be filled with more toner.

The benefits of using a tabloid-sized printer are great. You can often print full-sized proofs instead of shrunken ones like on your old printer. You can also use it for print banners and posters. If you work for a magazine or a newspaper, you can print out your work at full size in order to see how it will look to your readers. You get all the normal benefits of a laser including crisp great quality printing that won’t smudge, fast speeds, and easy operation along with the ability to print on larger sizes of paper.

Some tabloid laser printers offer additional functionality as well. A full-duplex feature means that it can print on both the front and back of the paper automatically which can save your office lots of money on paper since for most unofficial documents, the white back of the paper is simply wasted. You can also buy a full-colour tabloid laser printer: these can print brilliant and huge colour documents, but will be even more expensive: they need four separate large cartridges to hold each of the black, blue, red, and yellow toners necessary for doing full colourwork. Many businesses were hesitant to move up to a tabloid-sized printer due to the increased cost, but almost all of them love the additional benefits it brings to their business and would never choose to go back to a smaller printer after!