Should You Buy An Inkjet Printer – Read To Find Out

A lot of people who are in the market searching for printers may not have a clue to what they want. Some people just pick out the first thing they get their hands on. That’s not a really brilliant approach when you plan on spending a relatively huge amount of money on a machine. It’s most likely that you’ll end up with a machine that fails to meet your expectations. What you should do is do a little research first about what kind of printer you need. There are a lot of printers, categorized into different types. From photo printers to A3 laser printers to portable printers. This article aims to educate you just in case you happen to pass by an aisle of A3 inkjet printers and think of getting one.

Wide Format Printing. Everybody buys A3 printers for their A3 size printing capability. It doesn’t mean that you’ll only be printing in this size. It is capable of printing other smaller sizes as well from A4 to Letter to Legal size papers. Some buy A3 printers just to have the capability just in case the need arises. The need to print on A3 size is not as frequent as the need to print on Letter and Legal sizes. You may be able to weigh them in your head. It is a lot more practical to buy a standard printer and outsource larger jobs if you don’t foresee yourself having the need frequently.

Space Requirement. You should consider this one parameter strongly if you plan on purchasing A3 inkjet printers. Because of their wide-format printing capability, they tend to be a lot bigger than desktop printers. Some are even equipped with additional cassettes that make your work area too crowded. It would be better to make sure that you have ample space in your office or living room to accommodate your printer. Make sure also that the space you allotted for the printer is within proximity of your workstation otherwise you’ll be forced to buy a wireless adapter or worse, run cables across the room.

Long Term Budget. Let’s face it. Inkjet printers may be a lot cheaper in terms of their acquisition price compared to laser printers. However, in the long run, inkjet printers will prove to be much more expensive because of their ink. You can opt to buy 3rd party inks that are of the same grade. However, sometimes it is not worth risking your machine with low-quality supplies. Expensive may not always mean high quality, but cheap costs, more often than not, mean low quality.

The truth of the matter is, things are only worth buying if you need them. This goes for all machines and not just printers. So in order to weigh the decision, you need to ask yourself, does the need outweigh the cost? If not, then you’re better off saving the entire printer cost and print your documents at service shops.