Many people are searching online to find replacement laser printer ink since their laser printer cartridge is empty and their prints are streaky, not dark enough, or even blank!  The cheapest laser ink can be found by searching online or checking the office supply store in your area.

The term laser printer ink is a bit confusing.  Many people say it, but it’s a bit confusing laser printers don’t actually use ink and you may not find the right thing if you ask for it or search online.  Inkjet printers use a liquid ink that they spray onto the page in small dots to form the text or images of the documents you are printing.  In contrast, a laser printer uses toner which is a very fine powder. 

The printer works by adding a static charge to the paper in the pattern of what you are trying to print.  Then, this powder sticks to that electrostatic charge and is kept there until it is permanently secured to the page by exerting pressure and heat.  Though the result can look like ink, a print using laser printer toner can actually be darker, more accurate, and even smudge-proof and waterproof once it dries.  This is the same process used by a xerox or photocopy machine.  

Laser printer ink or toner comes in a cartridge that is added to the laser printer.  When the cartridge is empty, it must be removed and replaced with a new cartridge.  These laser printers cartridges can be quite expensive though each one can print hundreds or thousands of pages depending on how much toner is used each time.  It’s important to make sure that the laser printer ink cartridge that you buy is specially made to fit your particular printer: some cartridges may look similar but won’t actually fit back into your printer and may damage it if you try to force it in. 

If you have a colour laser printer, the laser printer ink is similar except that it will use four different cartridges of laser printer ink instead of one.  One cartridge is black, and the other three hold ink in the three primary colours red, blue, and yellow which are used along with black to make nearly any colour through various combinations of coloured dots. If your colour printer runs out of one colour, you can replace just that one laser printer cartridge, or you can buy a package of all colours and potentially save a lot of money by buying in bulk: Unless you do a lot of printing in one particular colour, the cartridges will probably be used up at about the same pace so that when once is empty, the other ones are probably not far from being done too.