For many businesses who deal with a lot of paperwork, their office machines critical to being able to accomplish business each day.  On the other hand, these machines like faxes, copiers, printers and scanners can not only be expensive to buy but they can also take up a lot of room and not every business has the luxury of a copy room like the big corporations have!

A laser printer copier can save you substantially on costs by allowing you to buy one combination device rather than two, and can also help save on space by only needing a small amount of table or counter space as compared to two or three similar separate machines.  You can search the Internet to get the cheapest possible deals on a laser printer copier or check the office supply store in your area to find a large selection of machines to choose from.

Laser printer copiers provide all this convenience by including all the functionality of both a laser printer and a copier in one device. You will be able to print documents normally to the printer across the network just as you would do with a normal standalone laser printer.  It will also have a place to put a document so that it can be input and printed out on the laser printer like a photocopy machine.

These machines often have some trade-offs that can make them better and worse than their standalone replacements. Sometimes they will only scan documents via a sheet feeder (like a fax machine) which means that you may be out of luck if you want to photocopy something larger or bulkier like a bound book.

In some cases, the machine can also work as a scanner: this means that you can input a document on the scanner and instead of directly printing it, you can send the document as an electronic file (usually a PDF) to one of your printers.  This can be a great way to keep an archive of your documents so that thousands will fit on one DVD instead of filling up a records room with paper documents.