Digital cameras are a “must have” item for almost everyone. They capture moments in our lives that we want to remember and share with others for years to come. To accompany that camera, there has to be a printer that is capable of producing high quality images that keep those memories crystal clear. A laser photo printer can do just that at a price that can fit into anyone’s budget!

A laser photo printer is different than a photo inkjet printer. In simple terms, the inkjet printer uses liquid ink to produce images on paper while the laser photo printer uses powdered ink (toner), heat and pressure to produce it’s images.

In the past, an inkjet printer was considered the better option for printing personal photos, while the laser printer was considered more efficient at printing documents and business materials. Thanks to advancing technology though, a laser photo printer can produce photographic images that are just as good in quality as that of the inkjet printers and they can produce them at a faster rate of speed.

If you are thinking to purchase a multifunctional printer, the laser photo printer is probably the better option. They are usually less expensive (prices ranging for less than $100 to around $450 for home printers) and as previously stated, are capable of printing at faster speeds. Plus, you get the use of the copier, fax machine, and scanner. These multifunctional printers are great for a home office or small business as well as for personal use! When printing photos, the laser photo printers of today should more than meet your expectations.

When deciding upon which printer to choose, it is helpful to read some reviews online. However, it should not be the entire basis of your decision. It is best to shop around, and physically use the printer before you buy it. Many stores will let you “test drive” a printer at the store and show you how to use many of it’s features.

The salesperson should be well versed in the printers that they are selling. Telling them what your intended use(s) are will help them guide you through the sea of manufacturers and models, and help you to choose the best printer for you.