Have you ever walked inside a doctor’s office? If you have, you will notice that aside from the figurines or toys depicting human anatomy, there are lots of charts on the walls. You may also find an A3 printer as well which was used to print all those charts.

Eye Chart for Acuity

One common chart that you will see in every doctor’s office is a Snellen chart. If you don’t know what it is, it is the chart with big letters on the top and the size of the letters decrease as they go down. This chart helps the doctor provide the proper diagnosis regarding your eyesight. There are much more extensive tests to be done if you want to have your eyes checked. However, a chart like this, it gives the doctor an idea of how your eyes are.

Charts for explaining

Doctors make use of charts to explain to their patients what is happening to them. Most patients go to doctors without any clue as to what they have. By using illustrative charts, the doctors can show them diagrams that can help the patients understand. Of course, the doctor may opt to leave the technical details aside. The upside to this is that these charts can also help the patients relax.

Charts for memory

In a doctor’s office, you may find an A3 printer printing charts that can help the doctor with his job. These charts can be memory charts or charts containing mnemonics that will help the doctor with his work. There are times when a doctor needs to make speedy decisions and there is not enough time to go through reference books. Instead, a doctor will have important things that are difficult to memorize plastered on the walls of his office.

Charts for instructions

Another way of doctors making use of their A3 printers is by printing charts that can help their patients regarding what must be done. This actually helps a lot of patients since most patients don’t have a clue what to do the moment they enter the hospital. This is not for lack of regard for hospital signs. Some doctors may have different requirements and they can use their A3 printers to post them outside their office doors.

Charts for better presentations

As a doctor, it is their responsibility to pass on their knowledge of medicine. In order to do this, they provide lectures in function rooms. If the rooms aren’t equipped with projectors, then an A3 printer may be put to use by printing larger visual aids for the presentation. It is important to have larger presentations in order for the people in the far end of the room to see clearly. Not everyone may have a 20/20 vision according to the Snellen chart.

These are only a few ways that a doctor can make use of an A3 printer. In fact, we only covered ways a doctor can make use of an A3 printer by making charts. There are a lot more uses for an A3 printer such as providing reports and diagrams for prognosis.