You don’t have to be confined in the office these days to be able to print, which with so many of us on the move with our work, this is an extremely helpful tool.

The modern-day lifestyle of today’s executive or businessman often involves travelling even overnight staying, and we can’t always have time to run off to a business centre to get vital documents printed when we need them. That’s why this printer is an invaluable addition to your business tools.

What People Say

The general impression of the Canon iP100 Mobile Photo Printer is that it is a very reliable portable printer. General satisfaction is frequently expressed by users. Customers that have rated the printer have found it to be designed well, easy setup and simple to understand.

They like the fact that it is lightweight and portable. Most are generally contented with the fast printing speed, with its sharp tones and colours, and in all, the economical ink consumption. It is durable and reliable.

Weighing in at a little over 4 lbs, it is simplicity itself to take with you anywhere.  One of the drawbacks of the Canon iP100 is that you have to purchase a case separately.

There are many sources online where you can find mobile printer cases, such as


When you purchase the Canon PIXMA iP100, you will see that there is no battery attached, and no battery pack is included in the box. The compatible battery for this printer is the Canon LK-62 Portable Printer Kit Battery and Attachment which you will need to purchase separately.

A car charger, the PU-200U Automobile Power Adapter, is likewise available that can easily be attached to the cigarette lighter in your car, which for a busy travelling executive or the likes, will find essential.

There is not even a USB printer cable supplied, which normally is standard with a printer. This is not ideal but they are easily available and inexpensive to buy.

Naturally, there would be extra cost involved above paying for just the printer, which may not have been pencilled into your budget. So to become truly portable, extra spending will be an unfortunate necessity.

Another optional accessory that users have proven to be very useful is the BU30 Bluetooth adapter that may be installed in the printer permanently. This avoids having to keep on attaching the adapter every time you want to use it and leaving it sticking out the printer, therefore packing it up is more convenient.

The printer manual, both the book and the CD that comes in the box, provide instructions on how to do this properly.

Things to Look Out For

When you’re not on the move, it can conveniently be set up anywhere in your home as a secondary printer. It may take a bit for it to warm up to be ready to print, and also, perhaps it’s not as fast as a LaserJet printer but the quality of the photo prints can be good.

There is no problem over print speed, in fact for a small printer, it is quite fast. Ink cartridges are small, inexpensive, and the advantage is that they are used up before they dry. Only the inconvenience of changing more often is the snag.

Some have complained about double pulls of paper which, when it happens, is obviously a major inconvenience and problematic especially when you’re printing many pages in a sequence.

Another downside is that the printer does not come with a paper tray therefore it spits the prints out onto the floor, which nobody wants.

There are some people that have reported paper jamming when trying to print more than one page at a time.


Canon printers have always been reliable and this model is not different. People buy Canon printers due to Canon’s excellent reputation. Canon also has great customer service when help is needed. Canon printers are known to be simple to set up, and quite inexpensive as printers go.


The Canon PIXMA iP100 Mobile Photo Printer is listed with the manufacturer’s price of $249.99. However, you may be able to get it for a much lower price of around £120 on and elsewhere which you will just watch out for.