More and more people have home offices now. Some people actually do work full time from home, whereas others only do it occasionally. And still more simply have an office in which they can do all their paperwork and other tasks that involve the home.

But no matter what situation you might be in personally and professionally, if you have a home office you will almost certainly have a computer and a printer. So ask yourself this – could you manage without a printer of the all in one variety?

The chances are you couldn’t. If you already own a plain and simple printer you might already be having problems trying to manage with it. It will print off documents quite easily, but what if you want to copy something? That will involve a trip to the local newsagent, library or stationer’s – or anywhere else that has a copier – just so you can get the one or two copies you actually need.

You would be limited if you didn’t have the use of a scanner as well. If you have a website for example and you want to use a picture of a document of some kind to put on there, you would be stuck if you didn’t have a scanner ready to hand.

Some people buy a basic printer thinking that they would have no need of the copying and scanning functions. But quite often they later regret their actions. And in the case of a home office it is actually quite rare for people to get away with just a basic printer. An all in one model usually more than pays for itself with the sheer convenience factor that comes with it.

The lesson here is simple. If you are setting up a home office right now, then it is the best possible time to think about whether you should get a new printer to kit it out with. And if you are going to then it would also be the best time to get an all in one model. You may not think you will even need it, but lots of people think they won’t and end up using it in the end anyway! And it is just those times when you will be grateful you have it.

The other thing you will find is that a home office develops over time. You might start off doing quite basic tasks in there, but you will soon find yourself doing other things and needing more equipment to help you out. When this happens your all in one printer will definitely come into its own.

So you need to think ahead when you are making this purchase. Don’t just think about what you are getting up to in your home office now. Think about what you could be doing in the future. That all in one printer makes it possible to do lots more things, so you will benefit from it in the future.