There are a lot of advantages of getting a mobile printer. If you get a 4×6 photo printer, you will have even more advantages. Compared to mobile printers, 4×6 photo printers are even smaller and can fit into any suitcase you have.

Maximum Portability

The great thing about having a 4×6 is its maximum portability. Its compact size allows you to conveniently take it with you wherever you go, whether you’re heading home for vacations or taking a stroll in the park. If you look at Canon’s 4×6 photo printers, none of them weighs more than 5lbs. This weight also makes it very manageable to carry around.

Photos in an Instant

The main thing why most people would opt to buy a 4×6 photo printer is to get photos in an instant. Before, what people usually do is go to the photo printing shop and wait for a few hours until you develop your photos. You even have to finish a roll of film in order to get the photos. With this type of printer, there is no need for you to finish one roll of film. You can just shoot and print whatever pictures you want. Of course, you will need a digital camera in order to make this work.

Having Fun with Features

Photo printers are not simply photoed printers anymore. Most of them have additional features, which make them more fun to use. Take for example a solo picture that you took. With the embedded software of these printers, you can arrange your photos to come out in different colour tones, whether in black and white, sepia or in negatives. You even have the option to add a picture frame in the photo just for effects. There is even a feature that allows you to convert your picture into a calendar.

Batteries Not Sold Separately

Another great thing about these printers, which also adds to their portability, is their batteries. Modern 4×6 photo printers already have lithium-ion batteries that allow you to continue using them even when you’re not plugged in. This is very handy if you plan on going to places where you have no access to electrical outlets.

PC-Less Printing Capability

When printing pictures, oftentimes, we use a personal computer and connect it to a printer. Modern 4×6 photo printers have the option to print photos even without a personal computer. This feature makes it much more convenient to share the printer. There is no more need to worry about driver installation just to make it run on different machines. As long as you have a flash disk or perhaps a memory card, you can print photos directly from these storage media without using a computer.

Printer companies have certainly gone out of their way in order to provide consumers with innovative products such as these printers. Their main function is solely to print 4×6 photos. However, because of this function coupled with additional features, it certainly makes this gadget something to be wanted.