Consider buying A3 colour laser printer next time you are in the market for a printer. You will not regret your decision because of a variety of reasons. The first being the great usability of this device and the second being the diverse range of printers available.

Following tips will help you in making the right decision.

Identify your needs

The first thing to do before you buy A3 colour laser printer is to identify your needs. What type of documents are generally printed in your work environment? If they are just a few typical office documents then simple A3 colour laser printers will be more than sufficient for you and give you the diversity of being able to print any size. If however the demand is high and there is diversity of printing then you will need an advanced machine with heavy output and modern features.

Focus on fundamentals

You can focus on laser printers that have combined all major features in one. This means that you can concentrate on certain core fundamentals. The first should be the printing speed. The pages per minute statistics are the best way to ascertain the efficiency of any A3 printer. The good thing is that you will not have to do any major research to find this information. All printers have this information printed in their main specifications and features page.

The next thing to focus on is the extent of printing. If you have a heavy duty printing requirement then it is recommended that you purchase a device that has at least 25 pages per minute capacity. Any device with lower output will not be good for your organization’s need and will end up being too slow. If a device is offering you a combination of printing, scanning and copying then it will be a great idea to purchase it instead of a common printer with average output. Prioritize needs based on what you need in your home and office and then start the purchase.


Most people simply think about the retail price of a printer. They forget that it is also the energy efficiency of a product that may increase their monthly spending on electricity bill. It is therefore a better idea to pick a product that has energy saving capabilities. Many products now come manufactured with Energy Star specifications. Others have even better energy standards. You can purchase a printer with higher output and lower electricity consumption. The focus should be on prices, output, extent of printing and the usability

With all this preparation under your belt, you will be able to purchase the best printer for your home or office.