5 Best Laser Printers For Mac 2023 UK Review

Why do you need to know the candidates for the best laser printer for Mac? Well, for a starter, the laser printer is economical and efficient. Some people believe that laser printer can save you more money on the operational cost – while others believe that it is the opposite.

Some may compare inkjet printer with a laser printer. But you should know that these two printers are different in nature. Whereas some people feel the best result with a laser printer, some are more comfortable with inkjet type. But you have to admit that laser printer has higher speed when compared to the inkjet type. When you are using the laser printer, you will yield in more papers or pages.

So if you are currently running on a MAC OS and looking for the best laser printer for MAC 2023, we have some products to consider as you can see below;

HP M15W LaserJet Printer

Do you want to have a small and compact printer and yet packs up a lot of power and ability? Then you should go with this variant from HP. This is considered one of the best laser printer for Mac, especially for quality printing.

From the design, it is easy to like it. The device is small and compact. You won’t have to prepare a lot of space. You should be able to put it in any spot freely without any obstruction. This is the ideal machine for both personal and professional needs.

If you want to produce a professional result and yet you don’t want to be burdened with the operational cost, then this would be the most ideal machine. You can produce 19 pages in a minute – and you don’t have to compromise the quality. It remains sharp and crisp.

Brother Wireless HL1110 Laser Printer

This compact device offers versatile operation – either for professional setting (as in offices or home offices) or for personal use (at homes). The combination of compact size and the lightweight feature is super nice for efficient arrangement.

The printing quality is impressive – detailed and crisp. And the speed is also nice, reaching 20 pages a minute. The paper tray is able to support 150 sheets of paper, so you won’t have to bother refilling it again and again.

Not only you can expect high-quality performance, but you can also save operational money at the same time. It is simple to use and fairly straightforward in the operation.

Brother Wireless HL-L2375DW Printer

If you want to have a classic device, this printer would be the right one. One ink container should be able to print up to 1,200 black and white pages – a great way to save up operational cost. As if it weren’t enough, this printer also supports duplex printing.

So, you can save up money for the ink as well as for the paper. Quite a good deal, right? As one of the best laser printer for Mac, the construction and design of the printer is quite nice. It is perfect for your home office or personal use.

The compact design will help you save a lot of space while managing efficient placement at the same time. It supports WiFi connection so you won’t have to get tangled with cables or whatsoever. With an impressive speed that can reach 35 pages a minute, you are able to reach a productive cycle.

HP 135W Laser Printer

The multifunctional machine is able to do a lot of different tasks – and each task can be performed quite flawlessly and smoothly. Whether you want to make copies, scan documents (online or offline), or print documents, you should be able to do them all with this single device.

With improved printing quality (up to 1200 x 1200 dpi), you certainly can expect the best result. The wireless connection is also nice and helpful. At least, you won’t have to worry about being tangled in cables.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t support auto duplex printing – you will have to do it manually. But with a paper tray that can accommodate 150 papers, you can expect effective operation without any drama. This is one reason why it is called one of the best laser printer for Mac.

Lexmark MB3442adw Monochrome Printer

This isn’t only a productive machine, but it is also a safe one. It has its own unique security full-spectrum architecture – protecting and securing your information in the safest mechanism possible. The fast printing speed is impressive.

It is able to produce black and white documents up to 40 pages in a minute – and the first page can be made in 5.9 seconds. The paper tray can accommodate 900 papers, improving work efficiency and fast working time. When you don’t have to refill the tray, again and again, it can be quite fun.

As a wireless printer, the machine also supports document retrieval technology. You simply save your scans to cloud system and then easily access it without any hassle. You can also print the documents directly from your cloud – totally easy peasy and simple!

Final Words

In the end, the decision to choose which device is up to you. Whatever type of printer you want, you need to look into your true needs (whether for work or personal) and also personal preference. Make sure to do your ‘mission’ carefully so you know which best laser printer for Mac would be perfect for your needs.